I would like to say that, homemade item is the best stuff you can get around because it is specially made, thinking of you! And not to mention that it will be ONE of a kind nappy around ^^

I love to get any source i can, and create something from it. If you are not-so-much into frugal cloth diapering, maybe my homemade nappy isn't for you. But, you are welcome to drop by anytime :)

I will accept your fabric of choice such as old sentimental t-shirt to convert it into fitted cloth diaper! How cool is that? You can pass down the nappy through your generations to come :)

There are several nappy styles that i just love to sew and the pattern owner allowed me to sew and sell the nappy that i have made.  With very reasonable price.

Thank you so much to all the pattern owners! The patterns are:

The type of fabrics that i will be using are the kind that i can easily grab in the fabric store. Be it cotton or fleece. I'm not into buying expensive fabrics online or import ones. I believed, every fabrics are special. I just have to use all the knowledge in me and transform everything into DIAPER!

So, there will be cotton flannels, Japanese cotton or anything that is 100% cotton and absorbent and carefully picked materials for the diaper making. My diaper is affordable by many, and i give all my best into each one of them :)

I am devoting myself to sew more cloth diapers. And now, i am willing to share my experiences in sewing homemade cloth diaper with all of you. Email me for payment and customization details: