I am married. Still married. 

I have two children. One Girl, and one Boy. Blessed enough.

I am a degree holder in Biology from University Putra Malaysia. Convo on 2004.

I have some working experiences. Both in govern. and private sectors.
I was a multitasking employee :D Still am..

Just turned into "Working-At-Home-Mother". I work at home.
In my pajamas. Jealous? :p

I take orders for moist chocolate cake and baked macaroni (around my house only - negotiable). My previous customers still ordering more baked goods from me. I'm not sure, but i think i can cook ^^

I sell homemade menstrual cloth pad and cloth diaper. I love customizing pads and diapers for my customers. Now, think i can sew also. Haha.

Do visit my business blog. Thank you.

My other blog, if you want to stalk :p

Send me good email at ummicreates@gmail.com

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