Friday, October 8, 2010


After nearly a year we've been using Grobaby cloth diapers on the kids, the touch tapes starting to loose the 'strength'. Often in the washing machine it got tangled with other microfiber inserts and the Grobaby shell itself. The lint were all over the touch tapes and the shell now look like they've seen better days..sigh..

I have only put one row of 'female' snap buttons on the waist.
Yes, they are white, and look nothing like the Grobaby's one.
Well, it serves the function.

I have purposely let the threads of the previous touch tapes there just to let you know that i did ripped it without mercy.

 My vanilla Grobaby shell started to look old..hehe..we've been using it nearly everyday.
And we got only two shells :)

 The front of the shell was abused by the touch tapes..sobs..
So does everywhere on the shell.

 This is the laundry tab :(
It got berbulu.

I am grateful for the professional KAM snap press that i bought. It is an expensive tool.
But very useful for my business and my kid's cloth diapers.
If there is anyone out there who needs help to put the snap buttons on their diapers, i am happy to help. With very reasonable charge :)
email me:

The snap buttons (size 16) for Anic of Anything Handmade.
I'll post to you next week okay? Just got the size 20 snap buttons recently :)


Kaklong Nuzula said...

Oo.. itu ke alat utk pasang snap button? Mcm best je ada benda tu.. Ok la ada benda tu sbb lynn nak jahit cd n cloth pad :)

Anic said...

:) the snap press is certainly a worthwhile investment..

you must be expert in applying snaps now.. :)

I have added you to my snaps service list:

Thanks for taking time to pack the snaps for me.. :)

jejaka anggun said...

cute la. nnt JA ada baby sure JA akan beli fr u.

Yati said...

Lynn ni dah terer aaa... menjahit dan istilah jahitan. Ni bukan skil jahitan level 3 ni. Lebih tinggi Lynn ni...

Lynn Nasir said...


iyer cik adik..heheh! berat tuu..7kg! tu la, sbb memikirkan akan selalu guna maka ku belinya..sob..

Lynn Nasir said...


heee..not as good as you :D

i just started snapping stuffs when u already snapped everything :p i'm wayyy behind..

thanks for listing me there and u r welcome..

Lynn Nasir said...


really? promise taw ^^

Lynn Nasir said...


alamak..malu den..hehe..takdelah terer yati, terkial2 lg ni..pelan2 kayuh gitu :D