Wednesday, August 4, 2010


This is what i always wanted to do. Newborn size cloth diaper. Both my babies didn't get the chance to wear mommy's handmade cloth diapers. (Papa..nak anak ketiga tak?). Hohoho! ^^

I'm using Darling Diapers free pattern. And i am grateful for the availability and tested pattern the owner have made. I have read so many blogs that have tried and satisfied with the result. The one i made here is the first one i tried. So small..hehe! I will be making another two. With some nursing pads for the mommy. Maybe a newborn gown and a fabric shoes for the little one. Then deliver them to my cousin who just got blessed with a baby girl. Alhamdulillah..

It looks kinda crooked here in the picture, but it's not :)

I'm using velcro. If i have the snap buttons, i will definitely use that..

Oh..i love how the leg's fleece roll out like that. Looks soft right?

Inside view. It's an All-In-One cloth diaper. With a hidden waterproof layer and sewn-in soaker.

Interested to have some? Do email me at


Anic said...

this is great! thanks for posting the link for the pattern as i was thinking to make some for my newly born niece.. :)

Mila@Rimbun said...

My next wish list, after my wish to get a baby...

Sellynna said...

Tak pernah try CD ni..

Penah tanya hubby nak try bli CD ni tapi hubby tak suggest sbb dia tau saya mesti takde masa nak menyental.. lagipun hubby bahagian cuci baju.. konfem kalu saya tak sempat dia yg kena buat.. heheheh..

so dia suggest pakai pempes biasa jek..

Lynn Nasir said...


u r welcome :)
it is great when we can try our best to save the environment and at the same time encourage others too.

Lynn Nasir said...


hehe..buat baby dulu ye..

Lynn Nasir said...


mula2 my husband juga mcm tak yakin. tp saya kata kat dia, saya tak tahan bau lampin busuk satu rumah. dan juga niat saya nk bantu jimatkan duit dia. susah sikit je, tp pulangannya berbaloi2 :)

Kaklong Nuzula said...

Wow, syoknye DIY CD for newborn.. Bestnye.. mesti fit baby well drp yg one size ni. ape lagi lynn, produce new baby la utk test CD tu.. hehe..

p/s: agak2 blh pakai sampai brp kg ni?

Lynn Nasir said...

kaklong nuzula,

hehe..insyaallah, ada la tu nanti rezeki Allahe swt beri :)

lampin ni saya tak pasti sampai umur berapa atau berapa kilo. tgk baby gak rasanya. ni first time buat sbb tu beri pd sedara, sebagai tester :D nak try ke nuzula?

Kaklong Nuzula said...

saya pun takde baby baru lagi.. hehe.. kalau dekat2 rmh lynn blh gi tgk.. huhu..

Jane said...

Sis,utk newborn ni still ade lg x?