Tuesday, August 3, 2010


 My backpack has worn out so badly. Its a free bag from my husband's workplace, it served well for our need in diaper bag. Ah..well..i'm thankful for your service backpack! But life must go on. I will think of something to mend you. Or not. For now, i must say..buying another backpack will make you sad (not that i have the money to buy it..). So, i opted to sew a diaper bag instead (i have the fabrics on hand). Another 90% successful project of mine ^^

I'm using heavy cotton. I went crazy i tell you..five broken needles!! OMG..i will think harder next time if i want to use heavy cotton for my sewing project. Or maybe just buy a carton of sewing machine needle. Or using lighter weight cotton with interfacing. Crazy first timer project i tell you...ahhh...!!

Black and white rocks! ^^

The measurements.

One zipped pocket, two smaller pockets.

All the necessary stuffs inside.
Still have plenty of space left.
So great for long outings (when you have to bring along some clothes, bath towel, toiletries, more toys and lunch packs) ^^ ~like i do.

Tutorials are everywhere on the net.
Mine is from Make Baby Stuff.
(But you have to really understand how to construct a bag and zip before proceeding to the tutorial. That is why this diaper bag is a 90% successful project, haha).


Mila@Rimbun said...

uih.. banyaknyer jarum patah, so far tak pernah lg jarum akak patah kalau jahit heavy cotton, eventho buat wallet aritu... just machine tu jer jd error message hahaha..

Lynn Nasir said...


tu la kak..first time jadi gini. terkejut-kejut saya masa kejadian patah2 tu. ada serpihan jarum nyaris nk masuk mata :(

Lady of Leisure said...

takutnya kalau masuk mata kan.. mintak simpang

Lynn Nasir said...


mmg pun..berderau gak darah masa terasa ada benda kena area mata..fuh..

Sellynna said...

saya pon penah jahit heavy cotton ni buat beg telekung & sling baby.. sampai 2-3 jarum patah.. mula2 give up.. tapi takut hubby marah sbb buat keja sparuh jalan.. terus nak abiskan cepat..

Lynn Nasir said...


hehe..sama la pengalaman kita ek ^^