Sunday, August 1, 2010


This part one is all about tracing your favorite cloth diaper. I was about to change the elastics, so it is easier to make. If your cloth diaper's elastics are still good, you have to work extra steps on how to get the pattern done. Maybe get a help from someone to stretch the diaper so that you can trace it.

Get your diaper. As you can see here, both the leg elastics are doomed. No more elasticity. It needs some new one.

Fold the diaper like this. I think you can make a diaper out of the disposable one. Just like menstrual pad. Just adjust a bit here and there. No problem ^^

I didn't have a big tracing paper. So i taped two piece of A4 white paper. Trace and cut. I've made the waist flaps longer than the Babyland's, to accommodate my Auni's bigger waist (she wears it on the last snap button).

The pattern is ready ^^ yeay!
This pattern is without seam allowance. Feel free to re-draw with it.

Don't forget to mark all the elastic's starting and ending points. Waist and legs.

Trace on your PUL.
Or whatever fabric you want.
Obviously there is something wrong with the waist flaps. It's shorter.
I'll show you why on Part 2 entry ^^

PUL has this shiny-plastic-like side. They say it's breathable. I'm not sure. But it did contains the pee and the poo just fine :)

See you again in PART 2 (^__^)~

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