Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Still remember the part one of this project? Well, i'm not done with just a dress. I did this another project to 'wrap-up all the remainings'. And i got this:

I added on a strap of checker flannel for the elastic.

At first i thought it looks okay. So that Auni could wear it like this.
But, Auni is not a baby anymore. The pee-ka-boo bloomer just didn't feels 'right' to look at.


Back view.

Front view.
Much better right?
Auni can wear this until she is 4 years old. Just tweak the elastic.
Yeah, it's huge ^^

Thanks for looking :D


ila-ali said...

Lynn u ni mmg kreatif la...
kalau ai bab-bab jahitan ni mmg fail memanjang...huhuhu

Lynn Nasir said...

ila: tima kasih..mesti kreatif la sbb nk b'jimat..hehehe!

Amira said...

hi nuron, nape back view tu mcm ada gap? neway, thumbs up, so creative.

Anic said...

:) the final product is very nice...
i like to jimat also... :)

Lynn Nasir said...

Amira: masa beli onesia tu skirt dia mmg ada gap, tak tau la fesyen baru kot. haha! thanks a bunch fren :)

Anic: nice isn't it? hehe,,thanks! berjimat utk baju budak2 takpe..hehe!