Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I have been sewing these everyday since last week to fulfill my addiction towards cloth pad. I have so many trial version from the free patterns available on the net. No matter how many pads i sew, i just feels that i need more. So, it's official. Sewing cloth pad will make me happy and calm. Besides playing with my kids ^^

All flannel, non-waterproof, pocket style pad. You can put more inserts (the blue stuff) on heavy days. Easy to dry and clean since the body (pocket) and the soaker (insert) can be separated. But kinda leceh to assemble before using it.

I'm sewing at 11pm, no serger. Just plain stitches available on the machine. I should use coordinating threads so that the stitches didn't appear so ugly like that ~(^__^)"

First time using the button stitches. First time making a button hole. Haha..boleh la..

Put in the insert, the button flap will be buttoned under the panty, the smooth side (not the pocket) onto the skin. Got it?

This one is a pantyliner. The blue fabric is fleece, while the white body is all flannel. I'm not sure if there's gonna be any difference with the 'stay-dry-feeling' factor. It is just a pantyliner ^^

Back view. Ugly dark blue stitches. Please remind me to use coordinating thread (this is the first victim after a long sewing vacation). Again, no serger involved.

Zigzag stitch doesn't have the professional looks, but it is sufficient with homemade items. It does prevent fraying. Though there is another way/method to finished off the edges. And i am the only one seeing it. Now i shared it with you. Oopss!

This one is what i called AIO cloth pad. The insert is sewn together with the body. This time around i didn't put any water barrier layer. Thus it is a non-waterproof all-in-one cloth pad. I love this version the most (preferably without the wings) because it is easier to wear. No assembling needed. If i want to use it on heavy days, i will stack two or three pads on one go.

The back view. I put my watermark on the uneven stitches part. Clever huh? Hehe..man-made items will never go perfect ^^

This pad is the first one to experience this kind of topstitch. Usually i will use the plain straight topstitch. Or zigzag stitch.

It looks kinda cool, isn't it? Hehe..trial and error sewing mojo.

I did this before, but this time the soaker part is all-towel-and-flannel,folded in three. For heavy days. The rounded body is waterproofed.

Can you see how thick the soaker is? And i can fold it into two (memanjang) for medium and light flow days.

All pads were made of the free patterns available on the net. I'll update the links later on. But you can easily find it with the help of Mr. Google ^^

Do email me if you have any question : permaisuriDHM@hotmail.com


Lady of Leisure said...

terernya menjahit kemas lak tu kalau u buat quilt sure lawa kan..

Lynn Nasir said...

Lady: thanks, kadang2 kemas..kadang senget gak :p quilt? oh no...

Anic said...

:) i think they looked very nice...

Must be lots of fun trying out the stitches.. :)

Lynn Nasir said...

Anic: thanks dear :) well thanks to u who told me about the etsy lady who did it with plain stitches before.