Thursday, February 4, 2010


How? I used bleach. Duh..i am defeated!! That's why i did the forbidden method. Let's see how defeated i was:
  • After stripping with hot water, and many cycle of no-detergent washing, the stains just won't go away! I am an inch close to burn the whole dirty stash!!
  • So, i dried them like nearly a week long under the hot sun from 9am to 5pm everyday. Damnation..nothing seemed to change.
  • I used vinegar. Of course the smell go away. The stains? Nope.
  • I tried Varnish. Hmm..very little help. Not much. Wasting money.
  • I wanted to use dish liquid detergent, but ran out of it (i gave to my MIL). Arrgghhhh...!
  • Last resort, i used bleach. Ahh...finally...came out really clean!

What happened to my stash that i have to clean them like that? Actually, i am still confused with that question. After each diaper changes, i will rinse and make sure most of the poo comes out. But lately, i don't know why, 2 or 3 inserts will become orange or cocoa with yucky look stains. I am sure i don't put any hot cocoa  or fresh orange in the bin! :p

Compare the two inserts on the right and left from the middle one. The orange one are not in the pic. This is an "after-washed" look. Grr..

So, don't you dare judge me as a lazy mom who just like to finish up everything quickly and in short-cut way. I am an inch close from burning my stained inserts...remember? I hate it..i hate it..i hate it!

p/s: I am a bit in psycho mode now. Don't worry, i won't bite. Kekekekeke!!


Ealyie said...

btw, aku pun ada 2 lai insert yang jadik gitu rupa. tak pernah langgar pantang pon, apasal ehh.. isk..isk..

diLa said...

err..sabo bagemana kah performance insert tersebut sesudah di bleach?

p/s: sabo lynn..sabo

Lynn Nasir said...


ely -> hehe..sabo le ni tu yg masih gak try cara yg "sepatutnya" utk bersihkan insert. tak ilang gak, ku pakai bleach! padan muke kotoran itu. hakhakhak! tak tau la apahal..nnti nk try search.

dila -> performance okay lg, masih nyerap mcm dulu. tapi bau hancing pun ilang gak (masa tak pakai cuka). bukan pakai byk pun, cuma nya rendam lama la dlm 15 minit. pastu bilas bersih2.

Mila_ibu najihah said...

ok..thanks lynn..takat ni bila da 2 -3 kali basuh CD stash ku itu serta dibubuh soda bicarb and hours under the sun, ke cokelatannya pun berkurang, da agak boleh diterima skit la warnanya..nnti nk try bleach gak la,wat yg cair2 je kan, tak suka tul bila warna coklat2 itu.TQ for info dear

Lynn Nasir said...


skang ni kan..hampir separuh inserts lynn dah kaler coklat2 gitu. geram tol..nape ek? dah ada alien tumbuh agaknye..