Sunday, January 3, 2010


Mila..lynn tak pakai/beli wetbag pun setelah berbulan2 berCDing ni. Rasanya kedekut nk squeeze more money on that. I already spent more than RM1000 for the CDs itselves. Plus the detergents, extra inserts, custom-bought diaper making materials, diaper covers, shipping, customs, postage and the list go on..go on..go on. If you are planning on to buy one which will costs you another +-RM40, make sure it worth the usage. The material they used to make a wetbag is equals to the diaper itself. PUL fabric, or anything that will contained the wetness. Laminated fabric is not always a PUL. Polyester or cotton and many more that can be laminated with plastic-like layer.

What i used to put my soiled CDs is ANY PLASTIC BAG that i could grab my hands on. Yup, plain un-interesting grocery plastic bags. It's relatively cheap or free and it serves the purpose. I always put 2-3 plastic bags in the car (in case the kids need a diaper change while on the go). While i always support green living lifestyle and recycle and re-use and re-fashioned, i never hate plastic bags. They will served me as dustbin liners to throw away wet garbage, and they are also MY WETBAGS. I never put "buying black garbage plastic bags" as my priority when i go for monthly shopping. See..i'm not sure how you will take in the idea of using plastic bag as a wetbag. But i'm surviving half a year now without the REAL WETBAG. offense, but i'm kinda cheapskate too :p

Mila, you can buy the wetbag. No one says otherwise. If you like the idea on putting the soiled-smelly-wet-stinky-yucky cloth diapers in the fancy wetbag, go on. for me, i just like to handle my life the simpler way.  I have two kids, its already chaotic (the cute kind of chaotic). Less is more, and recycle as much as i can. Okay dear?


Mila_ibu najihah said...

wahh..mcm terharu entry 4 mila..hmm, nway, thanks a lot 4 answering my question lynn.. FYI, right now mmg sy pakai plastic bag je, cuma sy rasa if ada wet bag khas, we can use it over and over again, kan? smpai sy tfikir nak jahit tgn sendiri je wet bag ni (mesin tadak)..hehe.. bila duk window shoping kat net ni ttanya2 jg..worth ke beli wet bag up to that price? dkt ebay harga far more cheaper..hmm..Thanks a lot lynn, i will stick to plastic bag je dulu smpai la jumpa dgn wet bag yg worth to buy.

Lynn Nasir said... hal punye. anyway, last couple of months ago saya ada buat satu wetbag from apron material (beli kat kamdar). kain ni polyester yg di-laminate. tapi lom pasang zipper. so, blom pakai lg. tatau la keberkesanannya. takut lak nnti bocor ke..nnti la lynn update if wetbag DIY tu ok. kos kain plus zipper and benang, tak sampai RM15. mungkin less, bcoz lynn tak ingat berapa harga semeter kain tu. its a big one i tell u, lebih 20 keping CD leh masuk dlm tu. hahaha! puposely wat utk bwk blk kg.