Thursday, December 31, 2009


The cloth diaper by the name Babyland, is blind now. One snap button lost, and the re-sizing height on the waist is now officially unavailable. Thus, the blind CD is now can only be wear by Auni (in large), since Muaz needs tu wear on medium. I purposedly bought the snap button CDs because i can feel that velcro will need to be replaced sometime in the future, will cause chain reaction in washing machine and will lose the ability to 'hook'. I never expect that my CD will be blind in less that a year..



I am now dividing the CD stash into two drawers. One for Auni and the other is for Muaz. Muaz one will stay in medium size, i won't snap-and-unsnap the buttons until he needed a size up. Unlike before, they will wear the CD and mixing up from one day to another. So there were basically too many times snap-and-unsnap buttons happened. That is why one of it has gave up life. My poor Babyland CD..sob..


neeza said...

Lynn bole baiki snap tu.. either u buy the snap prong yang metal tu.. atau gi satu kedai kat Yik Foong dia ada pasang plastic snap ni.. akak forgot apa nama kedai.. but somewhere in Yik Foong la..

Lynn Nasir said...

lama dah tak pi yik foong..okes, esok lusa tulat nk gi. tq!! (nasib ada jual mata tiruan..)

kedai m'jahit ke kak?

neeza said...

haah, somewhere kat level bawah: kawasan yg bnyk jual benang crossticth, benang kait dan sebagai nya.. hopefully tmpt tu still exist la, akak pon last pigi somewhere 2008.