Wednesday, December 30, 2009


It has been months ago since my first diaper bag ruined. Yup..rosak tak hengat (^o^)  It was a cheap one, with many pockets and there were teething toys attached on the bag. One toy is missing, and the bag looks pathetic. Haha..we never buy diaper bag for Auni before, because i think its not practical. After Muaz was born, i decided to try one. I tought it should be nice and handy to have a specific bag for babies. But, after one month of wear-and-tear (haha), the bag did tear here and there. I'm like..menyesal beli! Now i'm back to what i really like. Backpack! It is solid and multifunctional and will not occupy any hands of mine (just shoulders). I need my hands to keep my kids at bay..hueheheh! They are one pair of active drivven kinda kids. Believe me. Plus, my husband loves the backpack, it was his! We both agreed about the "KMPk" logo there...we hate it..might think of something about that later to cover it up. Or not.

Pretty equals in size.

The things i alway have in my backpack (couple of CD for both my children, milk bottles, drinking water, magic stick or any ointment, two white napkins, a small face towel, my teddy purse - love the purse so much, it has a side outer pocket to put my HP..unlike my previous fancy womanly-purse-withsomany-cards-pockets). I bought the teddy purse for RM5.90 only. If the outings will exeeded more than 4 hrs time, so there will be a pair of cloths for each children and a small bottle of baby liquid bath. Oh, a plastic bag (not in the pic) to put the soiled CDs.


Ready to go out? Yup!


Mila_ibu najihah said...

Good thinking la Lynn..never tot of using backpack b4. Kalau da bjln, dgn nk pegang anak yg curious semacam, nk handle handbag besaq lg, nk bagi abg pegang kang dia nmpk x macho lak kan.. thanks a lot 4 this post dear..this is what i like about sharing knowledge and experience.

Lynn Nasir said...

tu la..masa baru2 dpt auni lg mmg kami tak pakai specific diaper bag. mcm penat sgt satu bahu/tangan nk pegang beg dan satu lg nk dukung auni.

u r welcome, sharing is caring kan..hehe!