Friday, November 20, 2009


Hey you!! I am so excited to share this new experience of mine, with cloth diapering mommies (yes, you!).

Since now in Malaysia is the raining season..many cloth diapering mommies complaining about not getting enough time to dry all the inserts. Well, i'm included!! Both my children are heavy wetters. I have to change their pockets CD every hour. So, this is the calculations:-

Changing CD every one to two hours:
8am until 11pm = there will be 16 times of nappy changing. I have two kiddos, so i need 32 pockets and 32 microfiber inserts .

Changing CD every 3 hours:
8am until 11pm = there will be 6 times of nappy changing. I have two kiddos, so i need 12 pockets and 24 microfiber inserts.

Now, can you see the difference? I am definitely will be using the last method. The amount of pockets and inserts are wayyyy less than the first time. Now i know that pocket CD can absorb only one or two pees at a time. Trust me, i knew..hahaha! More than that, the babies will cry or the nappy will leak all over.

Not that i want to let my babies soaked with pees, but c'mon..changing nappy every hour?? I have lots of work as a housewife too, u know. I am using up all my stash everyday, and 3 hours changing intervals will assure back-ups nappy for the raining days to come..

Oh, for the one whose wondering how many will be needed to start up a stash of cloth diapers, the calculation above will give you some idea on how to start. I have 50 pieces, but 10 are reserves. It's sounded too much for two kids to wear right? Believe me..with the raining season now..i wish i have more (^o^)


mama danial and eva said...

heheh...2 inserts way is a bit too thick for little eva and it still leaks, i think cause the fit around the legs get a bit lift up...

i am quite happy with grobaby now. uses pockets only once a while only, and alhamdulillah, she uses only 7-9 diapers with 3 covers daily. i have 5 covers and 15 soakers, but also considering to buy more. am actually waiting for the printed grobaby to arrive at in december. :)

Lynn Nasir said...

wow..they have printed now? cool!! but i have ordered starbunz from tiny tapir..

how old is eva? my 8 month muaz are now starting to learn walking. and he loves milk so much. my grobaby soaker cannot hold his pee for 3 hours. with booster, yes..but i only have 2 of them.

Mila_ibu najihah said...

najihah mmg pakai 2 inserts all the time..there r time, najihah pakai coolababy dr kul 10 mlm smpai kul 7 pagi, with no leaks.. (ok, so i didn't change her dia lgsung x merengek, n no rashes at all)mmg best tol pakai CD

Lynn Nasir said...


sori la tak perasan ur comment. dah februari baru nk reply :)

sama la ngan muaz & auni. setakat ni takde rashes walopun changing intervals between 3 hrs. anak kita sesuai cenggini kan? heheh!