Sunday, September 13, 2009

How I Wash My New Cloth Diapers

Easy-peasy! Just put them all (yes, ALL) into the washing machine, put 1/4 cup of nappy detergent, put on the longest cold cycle (on my machine it's "Blanket" mode) and just let the machine do all the work ;p

Though i prefer to wash CDs in the laundry bag, but this time i am washing 23 CDs and 23 inserts. little laundry bag couldn't take in all of them. Hehe!

For the new one, the rule said to wash them 3 times. Wash-let dry-wash-let dry-wash-let dry. Three times. We must do this to remove all the manufacturer chemicals residue left on the CDs; and this is also to make the fabrics absorb the moisture efficiently later on. Actually this method is not so hard to do because i've been washing all my new cloths before putting it on. When i sew the fitted diapers before, i washed the fabrics BEFORE cutting it and washed it again after completing sewing them.

I think using hot water on CDs with PUL is not neccessary. I read in one discussion board regarding this matter before on the net, and most of them have a ruined stash of PUL CDs after washing them in hot water. Oh by the way, this problem applied on the 'cheap' one as Babyland and etc. For me, to really sanitize the CDs, just use the detergent specifically for nappy washing, since most of them have the "anti-bacteria" stuff. Just have faith on detergent ok? Hehehe..

Stinking CD happens when we did not wash them properly. I mean, the detergent and the drying part. Do not overly use the detergent, because the detergent built-up is the culprit. Or using the logic of the brain, maybe the CDs is not clean enough (?). Ever think about bacteria activity? They make our precious CDs stinking too. Drying the CDs under hot sunny sunshine helps to make the CDs smell fresh and actually making it look 'white'. Not to tell you the

On the above pictures, i just hanged all the new CDs in the house because i washed them at night. When morning come, i planned on drying them under the sun. But now, while typing this blog, the weather seems gloomy and kinda haze-like, so i'm not going to put my new CDs outside. Did i mention NEW? Hehehe! Love all the colours..

I'll attach the link of the site about the stinking CDs later. Give me some times..ok?

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