Saturday, September 19, 2009


Okay, after sewing the CDs for both my kiddos..i got really excited about making my own too. Being green..i love cloth, i have nothing against them. Besides the benefits they serve us, what can go wrong with having a period every month and using cloth pads? I want to be frugal and use anything i can find at home..but i decided to start with the decent looking one first, thennn i make them using the material that i love being next to my skin. I'm using my disposable menstrual pad as a template, and later i found out that there are a free pattern in the net. They look the same, so i stick with what i did. I didn't have a serger, so just using my plain simple sewing machine's stitches to trim the edges. In an hour, i made about three pads. Not bad eh..?

The fabrics are flannel and t-shirt. T-shirt cut-ups for the soaker part (4 layers) and flannels for the outer parts. Actually this is for the medium size, i will make another versions of larger (nite time use) and pant liners. I need to sort out the time though...hehehe! My husband already fixed the machine. Yippie!


Mila_ibu najihah said...

the dessert is... i've link this entry too, to my blog..hehe, hope u would'nt mind.

Lynn Nasir said...

hehe..nope, i wouldn't mind at all. thanks! mila ada pakai tak cloth pad, any brand or yg DIY?

Lebah said...

salam pn lynn. sy berminat nak tahu mcm mana pn buat cloth pad tuh...hehe [sy seorng yg jenis tidak tahu menjahit]. bleh ke pn ajar sy?

Lynn Nasir said...


nak ajar boleh aje, takde masalah :)