Saturday, September 5, 2009

Cloth Diapering My Kiddos

This is the stashes..i made all of them (^o^)~proud of myself..i've been sewing the CDs for 3 weeks (along with the everyday chores as a mother of two). It is a time consuming task, but once u get the rythm, it went smooth and fast! 20 pieces RRP pocket diapers and 10 RRP diaper covers. dozens of inserts and extra padding from kitchen towels (the packaging said they are microfibers). After pre-washing, all the CDs went into 'tudung saji'. Yeah..the red-round-spacious stuff in the pic. Actually i bought more fabrics to try the other patterns as well. But currently my machine is undergoing some mechanical crack-down. Till the honorable DH fix it..i'm not allowed to touch the machine..sob..

Auni tgh belek CD DIY by mommy..hehehe! i'm using pin, so Auni cannot undo the CD (^o^)//

Nilah rupanya CD yg aku jahit sendiri utk Auni, from back view..utk melindungi bahagian depan (tak mau la expose semua..heheh!). Amik dari Ni kena pakai ngan diaper cover tau, kalo tak abes bocor...


neeza said...

cayalah.. akak pon plak nk jahit sendiri gk cd for bb#2 ni.. best-best :-)

Lynn Nasir said...

hehe..go, go, chaiyok!! kalo pakai yg pattern RRP ni, mmg jimat masa nk jahit dan kos kain. cepat kering plak tu. baby baru lahir elok la pakai yg mcm ni, sbb kerap poo dan pee. lagipun ketinggian bahagian pinggang depan bleh adjust (lipat je), so tak kena la pusat.