Sunday, September 13, 2009

Babyland Cloth Diapers

I have finally got the parcel!! Alhamdulillah..the long waiting ended yesterday.

I never thought Custom's duty tax will be so expensive, it was only 2kg diapers! The paying method we choose (now i think Paypal will be much hassle-free), was via Western Union and they charged us with "Sending Charge", the post office charged us too. So..when the diapers should really cost us a little, it ended being expensive!

But, still cheaper in comparison with the already available one in the local market. Hohohoo...!

Last night i washed them all but 3 pieces. Maybe my friend wanna buy them from me. She already asked how many i can sell to her. She's cloth diapering her two DDs and only having 11 CDs in hand. But my two kiddos have so many CDs than they can wear. Oh boy..

Oh, one more thing is upsetting me now is the 23 CDs that i have. I ordered 25, there are 2 missing in action. So, i emailed the supplier to send me the other two immediately. Thinking about all the hassles i've been into, i just couldn't accept that kind of mistake. Can you?

Muaz and Auni were all excited upon getting the new CDs. Mommy too (^o^)//


anne said...

kak,sy pun tgh nk order dr china tp byk bende nk tau ni.bley saye email akak? ape email akak?

anne said...

kak, please email me, i really nk tanye pasal CD ( tq